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“Ve a la naturaleza. Toma los hechos en tus manos. Contempla y observa por ti mismo.” -Louis Agassiz

El asombroso pez gato peludo

October 2nd, 2008 Posted in Sin Clase

Caballero, damita, niños y niñas, pásele, aquí les tenemos al único pez gato peludo.

Ella: es Benita, una de las gatas de la casa

Yo: tenía tiempo libre y estaba limpiando una pecera cuando ella se atravesó.

AVISO: ningún animal fue lastimado durante la sesión fotográfica



PETA lo va a saber

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  2. By Paula on Jan 4, 2010

    jajaja, muy bueno ^-^

  3. By Open on Dec 19, 2015

    Jessica! I have missed so much and I am so sorry/sad but I plan to reemdy that by jumping in and looking all over this new blog of yours. I somehow just lost track when you ended the old blog and I am so glad to find you again! I was in San Francisco last weekend and went to many haunts you had suggested in your post about a girls weekend with friends when you lived there (the one where you made your own sailboat shirts, so fun!) that I had saved in my travel stuff. Nice to see you again and see that sweet Graham and how big he’s getting! Kelly

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